Submitting a Planning Application? Maximise Your Chances of Success!

The Planning Process – Complex, Lengthy and Expensive

The planning process is becoming increasingly complex and can be a lengthy and expensive undertaking, with letters and emails going backwards and forwards between you and the council’s planning department.

Like many things in life, trying to do it the cheap way can actually turn out costing you more in the long run.

There are many guides to planning available on the internet and these can be very helpful. They give you the basic information you need about planning law. But:

  • They can’t interpret that law in a way that could work for you
  • They can’t offer you the alternative solution which might be what you need.

Ask Your Council Planning Department

If you realise that you need more information in order to put your planning application together, you need to talk to your local Planning Officer. But this can be very difficult.

Councils face major funding cuts and Planning Departments have become planning machines with a neverending conveyor belt of applications. With their limited resources, trying to speak to a planning officer has become an increasingly difficult task, through no fault of their own. If you do speak to a Planning Officer they ae unlikely to have the time to deal with your case in any detail. You are left with many “What if?” and “What about this?” questions unanswered.

Maximise Your Chances of Obtaining Planning Approval

If you submit a Planning Application without fully understanding what is needed, the chances of your application being approved are slim.

One way to avoid the frustration of a refusal, followed by endless, expensive attempts to get that decision reversed, is to invest in a Site Appraisal of the land or property before you submit your Planning application.

A Site Appraisal will look at:

  • The site context and local facilities
  • The planning history of the site
  • National policy implications
  • Local Council policy position and performance statistics
  • Any emerging local or neighbourhood policies
  • An overview of the principle of development
  • A review of any major material considerations
  • Research into relevant precedents and case law
  • An overview of opportunities and constraints
  • Suggested strategies and risk

As a former Council Planning Officer, I have a very good understanding of how the Council are likely to view your proposed development. And I can advise on elements that will make it far more likely to be approved. This gives you the security of knowing that your planning application has the best possible chance of approval.

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