Site Appraisal – the Key to a Successful Planning Application!

With our thorough, laser focused approach a Site Appraisal overcomes council objections and wins the day!

Small Housing Development 

WPS Planning was approached by a developer to undertake a site appraisal on a plot of land that they wished to purchase for a small housing development.

We looked at:

  • Plot size
  • Adjacent developments
  • Proximity to the road

We also undertook a search of the planning history of the site, and of neighbouring properties and nearby land. This showed that planning permission had recently been granted for nine dwellings on a site just north of our site.

The site was adjacent to existing dwellings but lay just outside the built-up area. However, given its proximity to the boundary, this was deemed acceptable. There was no Planning history on the existing site other than for a new access from the main road. It was therefore deemed appropriate to apply for planning permission for two dwellings. In line with the surrounding development this was to be in the form of two semi-detached two-storey properties.

Ready to Submit the Planning Application

The developer was advised accordingly and submitted the application with some additional input from an architect. The council’s decision however was ‘No.’ The site was too small for two dwellings.

And again!

In order to persuade the council to change this decision we reviewed their reasons for refusal. We reduced the size of the houses and, crucially, we put together a Planning Statement which addressed specifically the council’s concerns. This Planning Statement also drew their attention to other similar developments within the area.

From ‘No’ to ‘Yes!”

The council reassessed the application and said ‘Yes!” It recommended approval of the 2 dwellings. Result!

Our careful study of the council’s objections and a well-researched Planning Statement, which addressed those objections, produced a successful outcome for the developer.

If you need help in obtaining planning permission for a housing development get in touch. WPS Planning’s laser-focused and thorough approach is a proven winning formula!

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