We provide essential planning services for all aspects of the planning system.

Planning Applications

We can advise on the likelihood of gaining planning permission for your proposal and liaise with the Local Planning Authority as to whether a planning application is likely to be supported. Read more about Planning Applications

Site Appraisal and Strategy

We can undertake a thorough planning history search, a planning policy search from the relevant Council and establish what can be constructed or what use land can be put to.   Read more about Site Appraisal and Strategy

Certificate of Lawfulness

There are two types of Certificate of Lawfulness – existing and proposed. WPS Planning can assist in providing an application backed by planning case law. Read more about Certificate of Lawfulness

Planning Appeals

If you have been refused planning permission we can review your case and advise as to the likelihood of a successful appeal. Read more about Appeals

Change of Use

Change of Use is now more likely than ever before to be approved, due to recent rule changes. Benefit from our experience and expertise in this area – workshops, hotels, retail developments and homes. Read more about Change of Use